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Keeping your dog warm in the winter

Keeping your dogs warm in the winter

Winter temperatures can be dangerous for your dog, and pet parents and guardians need to take care to ensure that dogs stay warm and comfortable.  Conditions vary in geographic areas, and often varying breeds can differ in terms of tolerance. 

Dangerous temperatures can be in the -10 degrees Celsius – 15 degees Celsius and lower, no matter what type of breed you have.  Some shorter hair breeds like the French Bulldog may not tolerate the harsher temperatures as well as dogs like Newfoundland and Husky, for example.

It is a very good idea to become familiar with your breed to be able to recognize the signs that your dog needs to come inside.  This is also where dog clothing and dog apparel can be very practical and useful.  Insulating dog suits and dog snow suits with and without booties help to ensure that your pet is safe and warm.  Booties not only funciton to keep the dog warm, they can also protect against road salt.  The salt pellets can become lodged between the dog’s paws, irritating the skin. 

If you notice that your dog has become too cold, bring your dog into the warmth, and wrap in a warm blanket and dry your dog off as quickly as possible.  When your dog resumes activity, you will know that this is more normal.

Suggestions for keeping your dog safe and warm in winter:

  • Always check the weather reports in your area to find out if there is a cold weather warning approaching
  • Do not leave your dog inside unattended in a cold vehicle
  • Keep your dog active while outside and observe for any signs of cold-related symptoms
  • Do not leave your dog alone outside
  • Consider insulating dog clothing like dog sweaters, dog snow suits, dog booties, dog blankets
  • Always travel with an insulating blanket, and dog first aid kit in case of emergency
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Bushman Plaid, Newfy style!

Ceilidh, Molly and Jersey show off their bushman plaid scarves!

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Dogs In Weddings!

Dogs In Weddings!

  Dogs in weddings!  Make sure that your best friends are looking fabulous for your wedding or special event.  Our dog tuxedos and dog dresses are the perfect touch.  Contact us to ask about matching your wedding party colours!

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Maddie Biker Girl

Maddie Biker Girl

Maddie looks especially stylin’ in her pleather motorcycle gear, ready to hit the road!

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Look Who Parked Beside Me!

Look Who Parked Beside Me!

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Who-Ville Inspired Dog Hats!

Our fabulous frenchie friends!

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Lou in his Lumberjack Hat!

Send us your funny dog photos of your dog wearing clothing or dog costumes

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Ruff Knits is in Canadian Living again!

Check out our newest Canadian Living Magazine mention!  Top 11 Valentine’s Day gifts for your pet!

Canadian Living Magazine article

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New Cozy Ruff Knits Dog Cowls!

Ruff Knits’ new cozy dog cowls – shown here in moss green with a wonderful matching fleece pattern with pinks and oranges and greens!

These are very warm and can be paired with hoodies, coats and our snow suits!

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Ruff Knits is featured in Canadian Living!

Check out the feature of Ruff Knits’ Rhinestone Dog Hoodie in Canadian Living’s Latest Trends in Dog Clothes!

Canadian Living Magazine Article

Ruff Knits website location of this hoodie

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